Fake Crocs shoes were burned in Aarhus, Denmark

120,000 fake copies of the popular Crocs rubber shoe have been destroyed at a Danish incineration plant.
A few years ago, Crocs shoes were everywhere. The rubber shoe in all kinds of colors hit big, and it didn’t take long before the company behind the popular shoes, Crocs Inc, had a problem with illegal copies. 

But now a large portion of the illegal copies have ended their days in Aarhus. 120,000 fake Crocs shoes have just been destroyed at the Aarhus Combustion, Crocs Inc writes in a press release. The 120,000 shoes were imported by a Danish company, which Crocs Inc has long fought a copyright dispute.

In February this year, the Danish company was convicted by the Court of destroying the copy shoes, which has thus been destroyed on the burning in Aarhus. Kattints a magyar változatért

Hamis Crocs papucsokat égettek Dániában

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